After the delivery of a job to the client, constant follow up meetings will be held with Kairos Engineering and its clients. Through dialogue, we are able to table and minute any necessary and eff ectual points, which may be discussed, and those jointly accepted, to be put into operation. Such communicative measures are an essential part of enhancing the high standards of service Kairos Engineering off ers and strives to maintain.

Available 24/7

Our valued clients have access to our management twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, thus enabling us to deal and assist you with anything, which may need our attention or guidance.

A New Development by Kairos Engineering: Assembly Jig and Fixtures with Pokayoke System

At Kairos Engineering, we have the in-house skills to design, manufacture and commission Assembly Jigs and Fixtures, applying the principles of Pokayoke (Mistake-Proofi ng) and Lean Manufacturing. The Assembly Workbench is designed around 2 key factors:
1) Work-ability for the operator (Safety, User friendly & Efficiency)
2) Quality of the Assembled Product.
Pokayoke functionality ensures that only the correct parts can be loaded and only various methods such as Part Picking; Part Sensing; Part Measurement; Vision Inspection and Colour Sensing. Our key diff erentiation from other respective suppliers is that we analyze and understand the way a process on your assembly line can fail. This is accomplished by our in-house Lean Manufacturing Consultant spending time on your shop floor. It is only after this evaluation that the right Pokayoke approach is decided.

Leading Pokayoke tool brands

We have knowledge of leading Pokayoke tool brands such as Atlas Copco, Desoutter, Yokota, Bosch and Fuji, making us confident in our ability to design, assemble and program the best solution for our clients. Testament to our skill is the various Pokayoke Assembly Workbenches designed and commissioned at Toyota SA Motors. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.