Our Mission & Philosophy

Exponential success is our hallmark.

We are driven by purpose to bring engineering solutions to businesses! Kairos Engineering is a unique establishment that aims at utilizing diverse people’s skills and achieving the perfection that is a pre-requisite of the respective market. We are geared towards growth, excellence and development by expansion and we are committed to complete customer satisfaction. We believe it to be our GOD given destiny, our strategy and a roadmap to remain competitive in a fast-changing industry. Exponential success is our hallmark.
As technology advances so does Kairos Engineering and all staff members are sent for advanced technology training methods and new skills

Highest quality of service

An appointed time that is marked by the challenges, opportunities and accomplishments it contains. Kairos is a time that stands separated from other periods, in which whole nations, whole industries or whole businesses will be prospered. Kairos Engineering was founded to serve the respective business sector in selected and specialized engineering craftsmanship. Clients are provided with the highest quality of service at the best possible rates arguably in the industry, allowing clients to enhance their businesses.

Specialized Services:

  • 01 Design and Manufacture

  • 02 Tool and Die Manufacturing

  • 03 Precision Turning and Milling Refurbishment of Tools

  • 04 Machine Maintenance

  • 05 Conveyor systems

  • 06 Fabrication

  • 07 Plant Engineering and Installation

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