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We are driven by purpose to bring engineering solutions to businesses!

Kairos Engineering is a unique establishment that aims at utilizing diverse people’s skills and achieving the perfection that is a pre-requisite of the respective market. We are geared towards growth, excellence and development by expansion and we are committed to complete customer satisfaction.

Exponential success is our hallmark.

We believe it to be our GOD given destiny, our strategy and a roadmap to remain competitive in a fast-changing industry.
As technology advances so does Kairos Engineering and all staff members are sent for advanced technology training methods and new skills

Specialized Services:

  • 01 Design and Manufacture

  • 02 Tool and Die Manufacturing

  • 03 Precision Turning and Milling Refurbishment of Tools

  • 04 Machine Maintenance

  • 05 Conveyor systems

  • 06 Fabrication

  • 07 Plant Engineering and Installation

Our staff is properly attired and operates under all safety regulations.

30+ Years of Experience

We employ highly skilled and qualified artisans to carry out all jobs. Our staff is remunerated over and above the wage rate as stipulated by the wage determination board, because they are required to be diligent and set the high standards expected of Kairos Engineering. To further boost their remuneration, they are offered incentives for above average performance. This in turn ensures our client receives the superior service we always aim for.

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