Anointed for Business! Kairos Engineering is a unique establishment that aims at utilizes people’s skills and achieving the perfection that is a pre-requisite of the respective market. Exponential success is our hallmark. We are geared towards growth,

excellence and development by expansion and we are committed to complete customer satisfaction as we believe it to be our GOD given destiny.

Kairos Engineering! An appointed time that is marked by the challenges, opportunities and accomplishments it contains. Kairos is a time that stands separated from other periods, in which whole nations, whole industries or whole businesses will be prospered.

About Us

Kairos Engineering was founded to serve the respective business sector in selected and specialized engineering craftsmanship. Clients are provided with the highest quality of service at the best possible prices arguably in the industry allowing them to enhance their businesses.

The founder, Reggie Ramdeo, is a successful business-man with vast experience in the industry, as well as an efficient leader and administrator. He is a qualified Artisan of note and has 30 years’ worth of toolmaking and manufacturing experience.

His wide range of knowledge, experience and success in the engineering industry make up the foundation of Kairos Engineering.

Ramdeo’s experience extends to the following, which are a huge influence on Kairos Engineering: tool & dies; precision turning & machining, refurbishing of tools; manufacturing of moulds; fabrication; spark erosion; surface grinding; jigs & fixtures as well as rivet setting machines and plant engineering.

Kairos Engineering employs highly skilled and qualified artisans to carry out all jobs. Our staff is remunerated over and above the wage rate as stipulated by the wage determination board, because they are required to be diligent and set the high standards expected of Kairos Engineering. To further boost their remuneration, they are offered incentives for above average performance. This in turn ensures our client receives the superior service we aim for.

Our staff is properly attired and operates under all safety regulations. As technology advances so does Kairos Engineering and all staff members are sent for advanced technology training methods.

Jobs are constantly supervised by management thereby making certain that our staff is alert and carry out their duties accurately and to clients’ expectation, because Kairos engineering expects a 100% performance from them.


Services Offered include

Free Engineering Advise
(wherever needed or necessary)
Free Pick-up and Delivery of Work (24/7)
Free Quotation (done on site wherever possible)
Workmanship carried out on all;
Mild Steel
Tool Steel
Cast Iron
Bronze – P.B.I / L.G
Industrial Plastics
(Vesconite, PTFE, Hilube etc.)
Polyurethane Products

Additional services include:

Manufacturing of Moulds
Spark Erosion
Surface Grinding
Jigs and Fixtures
Wire Eroding
All types of Welding, e.g. Cast Iron, Aluminium, Stainless Steel

Tool and Die Manufacturing
Precision Turning and Milling
Refurbishment of Tools
Machine Maintenance
Conveyor systems
Plant Engineering and Installation
Design and Manufacture


Kairos Engineering has diversified into Plastic Injection Moulding to serve the plastic industry. Our in house facilities include modern machinery and equipment, product development, mould design and toolmaking.

This process produces large volumes of plastic components of high quality with great accuracy and affordability. Some of the materials moulded are Polypropylene, Enflex, TPR, PVC Flex and HDPE.Various components are moulded, packaged, labelled and distributed throughout South Africa.

Some of the equipment we have on our floor include: Lathes; Milling machines; Grinding equipment; drill Press; Injection moulding machinery; CNC Machining Centre x2 and CNC Lathe. And measuring equipment amongst a few others.

Clients Communication

After the delivery of a job to the client, constant follow up meetings will be held with Kairos Engineering and its clients.
Through dialogue, we are able to table and minute any necessary and effectual points, which may be discussed, and those jointly accepted, to be put into operation. Such communicative measures are an essential part of enhancing the high standards of service Kairos Engineering offers and strives to maintain.

Our valued clients have access to our management twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, thus enabling us to deal and assist you with any matter, which may need our attention.
Our manager is equipped with a cell phone whose number can easily be obtained from our offices-You are invited to take advantage of this service so that the relationship between Kairos Engineering and its clients can be maintained at all times.

Reggie Ramdeo
Managing Director

Tel: 031 914 2930/1
Fax: 031 914 2944
Cell: 083 285 9165

E-mail: reggier@kairosengineering.co.za
Web: www.kairosengineering.co.za

26 Beechgate Crescent ,
Southgate Business Prk,
Umbogintwini, 4120
P.O. Box 23211,






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